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How to Treat Dog Ear Infection Naturally

Ear infections can turn your cute little puppy into one grumpy mutt. Irritability, scratching, discharge, and strong odors are some of the signs that your dog needs your help. Though the best treatment is going to the vet for proper diagnosis and medication, there are some great natural remedies which can be used to treat dog ear infection naturally at home.

Treating Dog Ear Infection

Dogs’ hearing ability is just amazing, no matter the breed. This special quality makes them distinct from most other animals and of course, plays a big part in warning us humans of impending danger. But those same dog ears need our constant monitoring and protection.

Symptoms of Dog Infections

The inner part of the ear is a natural home to many forms of yeast and bacteria, and that is how it should be. However, a change in the level of these bacteria and yeast may lead to infection. Some common symptoms of dog ear infections are:

  • Black or yellow gluey discharge
  • Too much scratching of the ears
  • Shaking of the head or tilting to one side often
  • Pain and discomfort when touched on the ear
  • Swelling and redness

Causes of Dog Ear Infections

Ear Infection In DogsBefore beginning any home remedies for dog ear infections, you should ensure that you are not confusing an infection with other causes. Some common causes for irritation and the symptoms above are mites and fleas. Other causes of the aforementioned symptoms may include physical trauma, foreign objects stuck in the ear, or tumors.

Ear infections are caused by a change in the ear’s environment, like an increase in the yeast or bacterial levels. These are common where the dog has been exposed to moist conditions.

Therefore, if your dog has been out swimming, running around the beach, after bathing, or frolicking in water, you need to dry out the ears. Dogs have L-shaped ear canals and even though the hidden parts may be hard to reach, a cotton swab will work just fine in drying it out.

Home Remedies To Treat Dog Ear Infection

1. Alcohol-Vinegar Solution

For bacterial and yeast infections, you can use a 50-50 mixture of alcohol and vinegar to regularly clean out the ears. A good cleaning twice daily with this solution should see the infection gone in about 10 days.

For best results, use a long-nozzle squeeze bottle to get the mixture down to those hard to reach places. Fill one ear with the solution and hold the dog’s head leaning to one side to get the solution deep inside.

Put a cotton swab on the ear’s opening and massage the base of the ear. Do this for the other ear and use the cotton swab to dry the ear out. Do not use q-tips as they might drive debris deeper into the ear which may worsen the infection or even rapture the eardrums.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is another dog ear infection home remedy which you can use to clean out the ears in the same way as the alcohol-vinegar solution. Boil the green tea then let it cool before cleaning out the ears.

3. Garlic Oil

The benefits of garlic oil are many and varied. A few drops in the ears followed by massaging the base of the ears will ease any inflammation, stop the spread of bacteria, and boost your dog’s immune system.

4. Vitamin E

To ease any irritation to the ear and stop inflammation, a few drops of Vitamin E oil followed by a gentle massage to the ears will work great. t will also relieve the pain the dog may be feeling.

5. Yeast Remedy

To clean out a yeast infection, make a mixture with a half an ounce of olive oil, a tea spoon full of tea tree oil, half a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil, and an ounce of Neem oil and wash out the dog’s ears applying gentle massages.

Preventing Ear Infections

The most natural ways to avoid ear infections and most other kinds of infections to your dog are simple. Keep the dog clean, well-exercised, and on a proper diet containing a dose of Vitamin C supplement. Some more dietary supplements include antioxidants, fatty acids, probiotics, and enzymes. Clean out the ears often and keep them dry after bathing the dog.

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